Clear Results
Patent-pending internet marketing reporting & analytics
ReachLocal consolidated reports - accessible online - clearly show the results of local Internet advertising campaigns from all publishers. The reports detail site visits, phone calls, emails, and form submissions, showing you exactly how your campaign is performing. They also show your budget status, and reflect the superior results obtained through the ReachLocal platforms ... ability to refine the mix of search engine advertising and keywords for optimal results.

ReachLocal supplies the missing link between online and offline activity. Our call tracking service provides advertisers with a unique phone number for each campaign that forwards automatically to the advertiser's existing phone number (or one that they specify). This unique forwarding number allows us to record how the local business handles calls and enables the system to track individual call information, including the phone number of the person who made the call (if not blocked), as well as how many calls the overall campaign produced.

In a similar manner, we also track e-mail responses through a unique email address, and can track coupons printed from the advertiser's Web site. Taken together, ReachLocal gives clients a clear view of how each customer's online activity translates into offline purchasing.

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ReachLocal Reporting
  • Up-to-date campaign information, always online
  • Consolidated results from all publishers
  • Top keyword analysis
  • Link online and offline points of contact
  • Campaign diagnostics (e.g., click-to-call)